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About Priscilla

Priscilla of Glass by Priscilla

Priscilla of Glass by Priscilla

My obsession with glass started when I was a young girl. Hand painting and shattering glass is my unique way of adding to the the art world. Over 20 years ago I made my first Mosaic piece and didn't look back. Over the years I mastered the craft by developing my own exclusive way to paint glass and tile. My hand painted glass and marbling techniques are my biggest secret and each piece come out like no other. One of a kind! I call this the snow flake effect as there will never be two alike. I am also a photographer and I capture images that play off the colors of my hand painted marble shattered glass mosaics. I shoot what pleases my eye and works with my glass. In the time I have taken my Art public it has grown exponentially and has been pondered over and considered by Tacoma`s Museum of Glass as well as been purchased and sent all over the world. England, Australia and Russia are just a few corners of the globe hosting works of art created by Glass by Priscilla. I also have a radio show called Mostly Metal with Priscilla & Puddin. We play awesome metal and in between the music we are full of inappropriate funny :) We have fun! When I work on art which is about 18 hours a day I listen to metal.  

Maiden, Priest, Queensryche, Metallica and Bullet for my Valentine are just a few of the bands that get me through a good glass day. I have yet to make one work of Art in a quiet room. Metal definitely shows itself in my art. I am also an avid singer. I have been singing as long as I have been creating glass works of art. Something that even close friends don't know about me is I`m an Army Brat and have lived abroad as a child. My family eventually settled in Tacoma Washington and I have lived there ever since. My marble techniques hand painting my glass are inspired by living in Germany and Japan. The marble and the statues abroad have continued to be an inspiration in my work to this day. Now something about me that a lot of my friends know is I have too many Cats. :} 5 actually but hey! At least I know it`s too many :) I also have a passion for helping and giving. I create one of a kind pieces and jewelry every month to donate to fund raisers and different charities. I also have contests to give my art to fans of Glass by Priscilla. To stay updated on contests and to see my newest works of art go to and to get more info or air times to my Metal Show go to

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